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The Edible Finger Lakes Events Calendar

                                  Wondering what to do with you and all your foodie friends these holidays? Make sure to follow our online events calendar! We’ve got all the greatest food, wine and dining events in the region listed here. We make Read More…


Peter Bell on the List of Most Admired Winemakers in North America

 Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine announced its list of the 20 Most Admired Winemakers in North America in the November/December issue. Included is Peter Bell, winemaker at Fox Run Vineyards. “Ruth and I are thrilled that Peter has received this recognition. I have always felt Peter was one of the most talented winemakers I know. Read More…


A Guide to Common Charcuterie and Other Porcine Deliciousness

Click for full size of this charcuterie infographic. Feeling overwhelmed by the options at your local butcher? Check out this infographic outlining the different cuts of pork and a few fun facts about “the other white meat.” See more from the Fall 2014 issue and use your next pork loin to make this roasted boneless pork loin with Read More…

Bostrom Farms

Bostrom Farms Opens a New Retail Location

Open since 1989, Bostrom Farms is opening doors in the regional meat market with their new retail store in Stanley. Making New York State pork available to the regional wholesale market is only part of their new mission; for retail consumers, Bostrom offers the old-style butcher market, personal service, and they’re working on new products Read More…

Edible Excursions - Fall 2014 - Edible Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes in the City

FOR MORE THAN A DECADE NOW, New York City has been swept up in the local food movement. Michelin-star kitchens and neighborhood cafes alike often prefer to source everything from buckwheat to bluefish from the Tri-State area. The Finger Lakes region—just a few hours’ drive north—is an important part of that equation. Many restaurants cite Read More…


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