Finger Lakes Wine of the Week: Casa Larga Dry Rosé

Each year, a few more Finger Lakes wineries add a beautiful dry rosé to their wine list. Perfect for outdoor sipping in the summertime, it pairs well with lighter fare, like a picnic lunch. My favorite new addition to the local lineup comes from Casa Larga Vineyards in Fairport.

Dry rosé wine is usually made from red grapes, but with only a short period of skin contact for a paler, lighter-bodied, less tannic wine. It often surprises people how dry these wines taste because they are accustomed to sweeter pink wines like white Zinfandel.

Casa Larga’s is a deliciously soft and pale rendition made from DeChaunac grapes. The round mouthfeel points to the use of malolactic fermentation to soften the wine. If served blindfolded, you would probably think it was a white wine, and so it’s ideal for easy pairing or just casual sipping as you eye its lovely pink hue against blue sky.

Shannon Brock teaches wine, beer, spirits, and pairing classes for the public and the trade at the New York Wine & Culinary Center.

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