Red Dove Tavern’s Pork and Clams

This dish blends some of our favorite flavors–grilled pork, salty, briny clams and savory smoked paprika–and it comes together in a snap. A loaf of crusty, fresh bread that you tear apart with your hands is a requisite for sopping up all that delicious, garlicky broth.  Red Dove Tavern‘s Pork and Clams By Rune Hilt Read More…

Winterizing at Sheldrake Point Winery (Wine of the Week: Ice Wine)

BY JAMES HASSON While farmers stow away root vegetables and sow fields for spring, Sheldrake Point Winery on the slopes of Cayuga Lake considers frigid winter another season to produce. Every year since 2000, some of its most resilient Riesling and Cabernet Franc grapes have staked out the cold winds of the Finger Lakes for Read More…

Finger Lakes Wine of the Week: Sheldrake Point 2010 Ice Apple Wine

Cider Week is still on till Sunday, so check back here for some local labels to celebrate with, but we also wanted to tell you about another way to drink your apples: Sheldrake Point’s Ice Apple Wine.


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