A Sweet and Sour Wakeup to Spring

By Zoe Becker

When cooked with a butter, sugar, flour and cinnamon topping they make a great crisp, but who knew that rhubarb and apples also can be paired to make spring’s tastiest tonic? The folks at Red Jacket Orchards, that’s who.

When the red stalks are good to harvest, RJO juices rhubarb and mixes it with fresh juice from pressed apples. Crisp and tart with a little tang, it’s perfectly refreshing. If this sounds like your kind of drink, keep checking the shelves where you know RJO products are available. There’s no exact release date (our sources tell us late May or early June) and they’re known to sell out every year.

Our secret? Buy extra and make some outrageous popsicles for summertime.

This article originally appeared in our Spring 2008 edition. 

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