Grist from the Mill Spring 2008

I’m so excited to turn this first issue of Edible Finger Lakes over to you. Last fall, when my husband and I joined the growing family of Edible magazine owners (there are now 44 magazines across the United States and Canada promoting local foods and sustainable agriculture), we did it with the intention of celebrating this region and the people who make it so special. With spring all around us, it’s the perfect time to begin. All of my life I have enjoyed the pleasures of living and eating in the Finger Lakes. It’s here that I learned where food comes from and why eating fresh and knowing the people who grow your food make a difference. I brought my chef husband here years ago and he, like many, quickly fell in love with this amazing place.With my family still living here, we have visited regularly, and always enjoyed the food we discovered on our adventures around the lakes and towns. I’m thrilled now to call it our home, again.

Undoubtedly, we are witnessing the beginning of a culinary golden age in the Finger Lakes. Our vineyards and breweries are pouring some of the country’s finest; our farmers are growing the most amazing produce; our bakers are shaping the tastiest loaves; and our cheese makers are turning out delicious logs and wheels from their goats, cows and sheep.

And the people are getting it. Restaurants are featuring local, seasonal ingredients on their menus; farmers’ markets are increasing in numbers and diversifying their specialties; and locally produced dairy and grass-fed meats are available in our supermarkets. Truly, there is a movement to make this area the most edible place to live and visit.

With this first issue we didn’t set out with a theme in mind, but looking over these stories I see they’re all tied together by one concept.Whether it’s a woman in Syracuse bringing friends together for dinner, folks in Dundee sharing their love of wine, urbanites in Rochester trekking to the farmers’ market, two chefs in Ithaca doing what they do best (even on their days off ), or a farmer finding faith in her profession through the appreciation of the people she feeds, this issue is all about community.

We see Edible Finger Lakes as the community’s magazine.We want it to represent what you’re cooking, what you’re interested in and, mostly, what you’re eating. So we’re counting on you to stay in touch. Send us your ideas, your experiences and your recipes. This is your magazine and we hope you’ll eat it up. Enjoy the abundance of spring!

Wishing you the best,

Zoe Becker 

This letter was originally published in our Spring 2008 edition. 

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