Growing for Good

By Michael Welch

With great soil, good light and plenty of water you can have an overabundant backyard garden in no time. But what to do when those vines are out of control with green beans or those cornstalks are sprouting more than you can handle?

This year, do some good with your excess. Gardeners across the nation are getting involved with the Plant a Row for the Hungry project. This charitable organization is encouraging people to plant an extra row of produce to donate to local soup kitchens and food banks. Last year tons of fresh fruit and vegetables were donated across the United States and Canada, ensuring access to healthy food for millions of needy people.

A good tip: If you’re going out of town during harvest, instead of letting veggies rot on the vine, get a neighbor to reap your crops and deliver for you. For more information, contact the Foodbank of the Southern Tier, at 

This article originally appeared in our Spring 2008 edition. 

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