Wine of the Week: Eve’s Cidery Autumn’s Gold Cider



Wine of the Week: Eve’s Cidery Autumn’s Gold

In the Wines of the Season column in our current issue, we highlighted the many and delicious hard ciders available in our region. It is New York, and this is apple season after all. So for the next couple of months our Wine of the Week series on this blog will take a more in-depth look (and taste) into each of our cider choices.

We are deeply enamoured by all things cider. There may be no better partner for a platter of roasted veggies, or a Sunday brunch of salty bacon quiche with stacks of pancakes accumulated on syrupy plates. The love of cider in the Finger Lakes dates way, way back and every sip we take today reminds us why: drinking local artisanal cider smacks of the good life.

Autumn's GoldWe invited a bottle of Eve’s Cidery Autumn’s Gold to join us around the table this week and here’s what we found:

In the glass this tasty cider is a beautiful golden hue. The bead is fine and elegant and the mouthfeel is complex- creamy and slightly grippy. The nose is distinctive and clean with notes of green apple skin and pear. This cider is made from English, French and American apples, and is off-dry.  Autumn’s Gold continues to develop in the glass as the fruit moves from tart to almost juicy, and we found a broad finish of gentle lemon and fresh apples.

Try partnering this with medium-soft cheese or a fruit tart fresh from the oven. A simple snack of salty sweet potato fries is transformed into a sumptuous occasion with the accompaniment of this cider. Experiment and enjoy pairing this beauty.

Eve’s Cidery is a small family producer located in Van Etten, NY. Eve’s was started in 2002 by Autumn Stoscheck and James Cummins. Eve’s enjoys distibution around the Finger Lakes and Manhattan.


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