Popsicles and Frozen Custard in the Finger Lakes

Popsicles and Frozen Custard in the Finger Lakes

The heat of the summer is upon us but we’re keeping cool with two distinctly different yet delicious frozen treats from the Finger Lakes.

Celia’s Ice Pops.

Working with local fruit producers after a tough year, the idea for ice pops came to Celia as a way to use fruit that was perfectly good but wasn’t cosmetically perfect. Honoring the Mexican palette tradition, the ingredients are sourced almost exclusively from Finger Lakes farms and vineyards. Find flavors like spicy Mexican chocolate, ginger lemonade, cajeta and spiced pear beet this summer at Greenstar and the Trumansburg Farmer’s Market.

Spotted Duck Creamery.

At Gottslond Farm, Elizabeth and Daniel make frozen custard from scratch using the eggs from their flock of rare Ancona ducks. The bigger yolk size of duck eggs creates a richer, deeper flavor than chicken eggs, and the firmer whites are a better suspender than their chicken egg counterparts. This lets them skip the chemical suspenders used in most ice creams and gives the custard a strong and smooth texture. Along with these duck egg advantages, Spotted Duck custards are made truly from scratch, down to the vanilla extract, and are churned using a 100-year-old hit- and-miss engine passed down through Daniel’s family. This summer you can find this homemade treat at the Branchport and Canandaigua Farmer’s Markets.

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