Edible Radio presents The Kitchen Workshop with guest Mark Bittman

headshot-phot-credit-Fred-Conrad_NY-TimesDid you know Edible has a podcast? Yup, in addition to reading our words you can hear them too. Kitchen Workshop host Mary Reilly, publisher of Edible Pioneer Valley  speaks with Mark Bittman. Mark is probably most famous for his cookbooks How to Cook Everything, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, and Vegan Before 6. He is now an opinion columnist for the New York Times and many other publications, focused on policy, agriculture, health, the environment as well as cooking and eating. He’s an outspoken advocate of the idea that we all just need to cook more. His new book How To Cook Everything Fast is in bookstores now.

Mary and Mark discuss the simple changes we can all make to improve our diets. Mark also outlines the many ways we can take action outside our own kitchens.

You can find links to Mark’s books, videos and columns at MarkBittman.com.

FC9780470936306Watch Mark’s keynote address at the 2014 Edible Institute.





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