Healthful Fruit and Veggie Smoothies


Support your commitment to a healthful diet and to your local farmers’ market and dairy farmers by making a refreshing, low-calorie smoothie. Assemble your ingredients around the blender in advance for the best result.

Recipes adapted from The Big, Fat Answer: Lifelong Weight Loss for Good Health (Booklocker: 2014) by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Refreshing Smoothie

five ice cubes
1 cup fresh strawberries
5 baby carrots
10 peeled cucumber slices
½ cup yogurt
¼ cup wheat germ
1 tablespoons honey

 OR, try:

Veggie Berry Smoothie

five ice cubes
1 cup fresh strawberries or raspberries
5 baby carrots
half a banana
1 tablespoons honey
1 cup low-fat yogurt
1 cup of skim milk

For either recipe, place items in a blender in the order indicated and blend on high immediately. If you have mini ice cubes or shaved ice, it’s easier on your blender.


Deborah Jeanne Sergeant has written health and fitness articles for a decade in a variety of national and regional periodicals. She also earned a black belt in Kuk Sool Won Korean martial arts. Her book is available in e-book or paperback at and

Photo by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant


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