Great Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-off This Weekend!

The 17th Annual Great Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-off is scheduled for Saturday, February 7 from 11:30am until 4:00pm, with February 8th as the rain date. The streets of downtown Ithaca will be lined with tables of chili, brewery and winery samples, and so much more. Check out the map below to see what’s going on throughout the day, which chili will be where, and how to find your way around to your favorite vendors! Tickets are on pre-sale now for 5, 10, and 20 dollars. To order, call 607-277-8679, buy them in person at Collegetown Bagels (College Ave, East Hill and Downtown locations) or at the Downtown Visitors Center (next to 15steps on the Commons), or finally you can buy them the day of — cash only! But be sure to be there early; lines can get pretty long. It’s a blast for the whole family with lots of delicious chili from local restaurants and foodies. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Chili Walking Map 2015 Draft


Get excited for the fest with this recipe for beef and bacon chili!

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