CaryMo Chocolate Candies & Confections

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the only better thing to celebrate with than chocolate is local chocolate, of course! This week, we’re highlighting a different Finger Lakes chocolatier each day. Today, it’s CaryMo Chocolate Candies & Confections.

CaryMo Chocolate Candies & Confections

“We produce a taste experience that must be shared!” —CaryMo

CaryMo Chocolate Candies & Confections, made on Seneca Lake, captures wine country in each bite. The creator Cary Becraft operates in the kitchen of Anthony Road Wine Company, infusing local wines and their flavors into the chocolate. Although there is no physical store, CaryMo chocolates are sold all over the Finger Lakes region. See the list of stores below to find CaryMo near you. Their assorted chocolates come in boxes anywhere from 2 to 24 pieces, as well as bars.

Becraft began as a pastry chef in Brooklyn at the River Cafe, where she discovered her love of chocolate making. She has been concocting chocolate creations since 2000, but began her business in the Finger Lakes after she and her husband moved here in 2007. Since then, she has been handcrafting her chocolate with love and good taste. For a special Valentine’s Day treat, try the Champagne, Rose Scented Marshmallow, Brandied Cherries or—to spice things up—Chili Cayenne!

CaryMo Chocolate is available at 8 stores throughout the region, check their website for locations!

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