Eve’s Cidery Perry Pear

Perry Pear

Eve’s Cidery Perry Pear

By Sally Kral

The Finger Lakes is home to numerous cideries churning out some really awesome and interesting products. Case in point: Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten. Producing sparkling, still and ice ciders, the Eve’s orchard carries more than three dozen apple varieties, from bittersweet to heirlooms to dessert. They also grow more than half a dozen varieties of perry pears, which are used to create perry, a cider made from pears rather than apples. If you’re a fan of Eve’s Cidery apple ciders, their sparkling Perry Pearthe only one of its kind currently produced at Eve’sshould definitely be on your “must try” list!

At 8-percent alcohol-by-volume, this is a cider begging to be enjoyed during the dayat least that’s what the bottle was calling out to me on a recent Sunday afternoon! Perry Pear is just beautiful in the glass; the delicate, small bubbles can turn any occasion into a celebratory one. Seven pear varieties (including Brandy, Barland, Normanschin, Blakeney Red, Butt, Gin and Williams Pear, also known as Bartlett) go into making this cider, contributing to the lovely fruit and floral aromas. On the palate, sweet pear and stone fruit flavors are balanced by strong acid and tannic structure leading to a slightly dry finish. A delicious, refreshing perry that would be perfect in place of the traditional Mimosa at brunch. Its fruit flavors would pair nicely with sweet dishes like French toast or pancakes, but it’s dry enough to pair equally well with a more savory, egg-based dish. Or how about a simple snack of fresh apple and pear slices topped with a funky cheese like gorgonzola and drizzled with a little honey? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Sally Kral is the print and digital managing editor of Edible Finger Lakes as well as a freelance writer focused on national wine, beer and spirits trends.

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