Fields of Plenty: Fellenz Family Farm


Fields of Plenty:

Fellenz Family Farm

In our March/April 2015 issue, we pay a visit to Fellenz Family Farm in Phelps. Although Andy Fellenz and his son Erik are well known in their community and their certified organic farm is considered an established member of the Finger Lakes food scene, Andy comments that “It feels strange to being described in that way. Most of our neighbors have been farming all of their life. They have parents, grandparents and even further back who have farmed.” According to Andy, the Fellenz Family Farm is still just getting started.GOMPSaz27IkGPAuEay6SZH8k9-v_zDI_eqn3EhP1aDE

Formed in 2001 with a couple of apple trees, “the original vision was that it would be a small fruit farm with several acres, both for cider and eating,” Andy says. However, the farm quickly expanded into growing organic certified peaches, raspberries and strawberries when in season.

The Fellenz Family Farm also participates in CSAs, though Erik says “we have a different distribution model than other CSAs. We have a cross between a box program and a free-choice program.” In the future Erik would like to build more collaborative relationships for their CSA, to offer members a “complete diet” experience on pick-up day. For instance, customers have been asking for sweet potatoes, and while Erik isn’t sure they’re something he can grow, he knows people do. “Maybe we invite them to set up a table and sell to members too.”

To read Matt Kelly’s full profile on Fellenz Family Farm, keep an eye out for our March/April issue, out soon!

Photos by Matt Kelly

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