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Foodie Finds: Once Again Nut Butter 

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Written by Carly Browning

If you’re like me (obsessed with peanut butter) then you’re constantly on the hunt for the next nutty treat. So when I found Once Again’s Sunflower Seed Butter, I fell completely in love.

Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter founded Once Again in 1976 in Rochester. They moved to a new facility in Nunda (a small town in Western NY) in 1981 and have been there ever since. Their butters are completely organic and made from sustainable farming practices. Aside from crazy good butter, Once Again prides themselves on something else as well: Raccoons. Four orphaned baby kits (raccoons) fell in love with the nut butter and grew up on the factory grounds. Loved by all, the raccoons’ cute little faces are on the logo of Once Again’s nut butters. In the spirit of those four kits, the byproducts from Once Again are donated to farms and “nature-lovers” to serve as animal and bird foods.

These nut butters are healthy and delicious alternatives to corporate peanut butters that often have large amounts of added sugar and chemicals. Once Again offers almond, cashew, seed and peanut butters, all of which are vegan and organic. The company also produces packaged nuts, such as dry-roasted almonds and whole-roasted cashews; and honey, including killer bee, clover and wildflower. Products are available Greenstar and Wegmans, but if you go through an insane amount of nut or seed butter (again, like me) you can order online in bulk. Check out their products and full story on their website.

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