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Foodie Finds: Heidelberg Bread Company

“Through the ages, bread has always been an essential part of our daily diet,” the Heidelberg Bread Company’s website declares. And it’s true. Bread and butter is often on the table before a meal and the breaking of bread is still ceremonious. If you’re searching for that special bread, look no further than this local bakery. Boyd Bissel, founder and owner of Heidelberg, describes his bread as the perfect balance of the basic ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt. Their bread is made with no chemical additives, no artificial flavors, and nothing but the basics. They offer a variety of breads, including whole wheat, baguettes, cracked wheat and (my personal favorite) raisin sunflower. For Heidelberg it’s all about achieving a layered texture and an incredible, Old World taste in each loaf. Aside from your local grocery store (check their website for the store nearest you), you can find their products at their own bakery store in Herkimer. In addition to their breads, this store also includes a number of pies, pastries, cookies and coffee. Talk about a cozy spot! They also have their own German restaurant named The Balkan, located in Utica, where their bread products are featured. The menu follows along the same vein as their breads: an Old World flavor in the New World. What we love about Heidelberg is the simplicity in their baking–it’s a real return to artisanship. Pick up a loaf at their bakery and you’ll see what we’re so jazzed about. Carly Browning

Heidelberg Bakery Store/Outlet: 3056 State Route 28 North, Herkimer, 315.866.0999

The Balkan: 2006 Genesee Street, Utica, 315.507.4264

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