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Colitvare restaurant

Back of the House:


In the latest edition of Edible Finger Lakes, we take a look at the inner workings and inspiration behind Ithaca’s new farm-to-bistro restaurant and culinary program, Coltivare.

The name, meaning “cultivate” in Italian, embodies the establishment’s mission: To cultivate learning and cultivate land. Coltivare is part of TC3’s new culinary program, the purpose of which is to connect students at every step with opportunities for practical experience, both on-site and in community-based internships, along with their on-campus studies and work with the professional staff at the restaurant. L1Ume7F-G7cJYClcjBPsi2pqn8zNzJf1lOH4wglHO0o,OUbQSgGWYWCLM-rDLHEJYzKgF_rB5QFK_XPMcpfw75wHaving the students educated about where the food comes from and the planning it takes to have that food accessible is just as important to the program’s education as actually preparing the food.

Building a relationship with local farms is vital to Head Chef Richard Brosseau. “It’s important that you do that because that’s where you get your freshest product. You get good service, you can ask farmers to grow specific things and then you have to honor those commitments,” he says.

When students leave the program they will be employable, having skills beyond their basics of their major extending to professionalism, ambassadorship and presenting themselves as important members of their industry and a community.

For Peggy Haine’s full story on Coltivare, pick up our March/April 2015 issue at one of these local businesses!

Photos by Robyn Wishna

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