Sip and Swirl: Hunt Country Vineyards

Edible Finger Lakes and WSKG have partnered to bring you bi-weekly installments of WSKG’s Sip and Swirl web series.

wine barrels

Sip and Swirl with Bill Snyder, which first ran on this past fall, is a series of nine, three-minute segments that tells the collective stories of the people and winemaking culture that compose the unique terroir of the Finger Lakes region.

WSKG’s morning classical music host and winemaking aficionado Bill Snyder visits nine vineyards in the region and discusses the area’s unique viticulture while sipping some of the wines, spirits and ciders. Bill explains not only the mysteries of the ancient process and the passion of the people behind it, but also informs the viewers about the innovative technologies and progressive, sustainable practices that take place in these vineyards.

Hunt Country Vineyards prides itself on taking care of the land and the area:


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