Ithaca Beer Co.’s Cayuga Cruiser


Beer in Focus: Cayuga Cruiser

When I’m sitting on the lawn in the beating sunshine, I want something that tastes like summer. Ithaca Beer Company’s seasonal Cayuga Cruiser always hits the spot. It’s a Berliner-Weisse (Berlin White) style ale, which means a few things. The style was invented in Germany and although it can be made from several different combination of barley and malt, what’s important is how it’s kilned. Kilning is the last step of the malting process, and Berliner-Weisse beers are kilned at low temperatures so the color stays light. This process has been given Protected Geographic Indication, which means that Ithaca Beer’s Cayuga Cruiser is in the style of the protected original.

I always describe Cayuga Cruiser as a sour beer, and I tend to get some strange looks. If you’ve never had this style before your first sip can be a bit odd–but trust me, take a second sip. It’s a light beer with a flip of citrus. Think of it like the organic version of a Corona with a lot of lime. If you still aren’t sure, head down to the brewery for a taste. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm to 9pm. If the sun’s out it’s impossible to pass up a table outside or a quick game of bocce while you taste a flight of beers–or even a flight of fries! Carly Browing

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