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The FLX FAQs: Brud Holland

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A semi-regular column in which we nose our way into the minds and kitchens of Finger Lakes foodies.

Brud Holland

Brud Holland is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and lives in Watkins Glen with his wife Shari and three kids. His culinary escapades over the past 30+ years have included bakery owner, restaurateur, food product developer, teacher and promoter of all things grown and made in the Finger Lakes. 

Edible Finger Lakes: What is the most interesting thing you always keep in your fridge?

Brud Holland: Perhaps less interesting but definitely funny because of on how teenagers view food is that our kids’ friends love to come to our house but they lament the fact that you have to “do stuff” to the food that we have, you can’t just crack open the package and eat it. 

EFL: What’s the last meal you cooked for yourself?

BH: Gnocchi with Muranda Blue cheese sauce: SilverQueen Farm Kennebec potatoes, Birkett Mills “Bessie” Flour, Tom Murrays cheese, Autumns Harvest Eggs and Pittsford Dairy Cream. What else do you need?

EFL: What’s the one kitchen tool you couldn’t live without?

BH: My 10-inch Chef Knife.

EFL: What was the first Finger Lakes wine/beer/spirit you ever tasted? 

BH: One of my first summer jobs in college was tour guide at Glenora Wine Cellars—The wine might have been Seyval but I’ll never forget the “Sailors Cup Cooler” that they made back when Bartels & James Wine Coolers were all the rage.

EFL: If you could add one item to the Finger Lakes foodshed that isn’t already there, what would it be?

BH: I actually have plans to add it….a barrel-aged, FLX balsamic vinegar, going to be called 50 Brix Balsamic.

EFL: What does it mean to you to be a part of the Finger Lakes foodshed?

BH: It’s a cool to feel like you’re a small piece of the fabric that makes up the foodshed in the FLX. I’ve lived here most of my life and it’s really interesting to look back and see how the region has been transformed by the talented artisans who already lived here—”the locals”—and those who have moved here from other parts of the world.  We have a unique food and wine culture full of passionate people who love to collaborate for the greater good of the region and it shows in the quality and diversity of what’s being produced now….wine, beer, cider, produce, meat, cheese, glass, woodworking, jewelry, metalsmithing–it’s a list that I think grows by the day.

Take a peak at one of Brud’s recipes here.

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