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Foodie Finds: Hawthorne Valley Farm

For this installment of Foodie Finds, we’ve found the whole lot. Hawthorne Valley Farm produces all of our favorites and more, carefully crafted through 35 years of biodynamic farming. This task is incredible in and of itself, as biodynamic farming requires a holistic and integrated approach to farming. It’s based in the belief that nature connects all biological, spiritual and material elements. They’ve also adopted the motto “nurturing the land that nurtures us” and are staying true to it! Hawthorne Valley Farm aims to open a dialogue between people of all ages about what food we eat and how it affects the world around us biologically, materially and ethically. As much as possible, the farm avoids a mono-culturally based product line and attempts to vary what they produce and when for less stress on the environment.

While we’re on the topic of products, let’s talk about what Hawthorne Valley offers. Starting with dairy, they produce four flavors of yogurt–plan, maple vanilla, strawberry and lemon–raw milk, whey, buttermilk, soft cheeses (such as Bianca and Mayhill) and—my favorite—hard cheeses: Cheddar, Alpine, and so much more. They also bake a variety of sourdough and yeasted rolls, loaves, scones, muffins, several types of cookies—the list goes on. If that’s not enough to have you running to Hawthorne Farms, wait until you hear this: They also have a Sauerkraut Cellar. Their product line changes fairly often, but as of now it includes Plain, Caraway, Curry and Jalapeño sauerkrauts, as well as Ginger Carrots, Kim Chee, Beet Kvass (this is what’s in our fridge right now), Hot Pepper Sauce, Plain Sauerkraut Juice and Kim Chee Aid. Hawthorne Valley is committed to education and offers on-farm learning as well as vocational classes for young people who want to learn more. To find out more about the products and classes they offer and biodynamics, check out their website. Carly Browning

327 Co Road 21C, Ghent, 518.672.7500, hawthornevalleyfarm.org

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