Barry Family Cellars 2011 Chardonnay

Barry ChardonnayFinger Lakes Wine of the Week:

Barry Family Cellars 2011 Chardonnay

By Nicholas Baldwin

Barry Family Cellars is a small production facility making big quality wines. The family-run micro winery opened in 2011 and their first Chardonnay release does not miss the mark. The Chardonnay is unfiltered and shows a little tartaric sediment, but not to worry, because the result is superb.

They only produced 40 cases of this Chardonnay and it has a mellow nose of cooked lemons, apples and Bosc pear, with a subtle hint of honeydew melon. It has a beautiful mouthfeel with a long creamy finish, bright acidity and the perfect amount of alcohol for the region at 12-percent alcohol-by-volume. It was aged in used French and American barrels, which doesn’t lead to heavy oaky flavors, but helps keeps this wine balanced and delicately Burgundian in style.

A great young winery, with a fantastic early release. They do not have a tasting room on-site, so if you live within the Finger Lakes region, ask your local wine specialist at the wine shop if they have any cases available–you won’t be sorry you did. Pair this Chardonnay with mild brie, grilled pesto pizza, chicken pot pie, turkey dishes and seafood dishes.

Nicholas Baldwin has worked in the wine and spirits business for more than 12 years and traveled the world visiting vineyards. He holds numerous wine certifications. 

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