Barnstormer Winery 2013 Semi-Dry Riesling


Finger Lakes Wine of the Week:

Barnstormer Winery 2013 Semi-Dry Riesling

By Nicholas Baldwin

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is a true sign that springtime has officially arrived in the Finger Lakes. It’s a weekend when boats hit the water and grills get fired up. There’s nothing more satisfying than sipping on a glass of Semi-Dry Riesling outside with your shades on while enjoying your extended holiday weekend.

Barnstormer Winery in Dundee has made one of the better 2013 Semi-Dry Riesling I’ve tasted thus far. It’s their flagship wine and it shows. It has aromas of white peach, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit, with a dollop of sweetness on the tip of your tongue that’s balanced by 12.4-percent alcohol-by-volume. It has a lingering finish, but with its bright acidity, you’ll be quenching a second sip as quickly as the first.

While fresh local produce isn’t fully in season yet, this wine would make a great pairing simply with strawberries and raspberries right off the vine. Also, the 2013 Barnstormer Semi-Dry Riesling will accompany spicy Asian cuisine, or barbecue-marinated chicken, bell peppers and pineapple kabobs hot off the grill. Whether you’re indulging in food off your grill or while anchored on a boat in the middle of one of the Finger Lakes, this Barnstormer Semi-Dry Riesling is a go-to wine.

Nicholas Baldwin has worked in the wine and spirits business for more than 12 years and traveled the world visiting vineyards. He holds numerous wine certifications. 

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