Back of the House: Bully Hill Vineyards


Back of the House:

Bully Hill Vineyards

In our latest May/June issue’s Back of the House column, we learn more about the restaurant operations at Bully Hill Vineyards and how chef Kevin Cornwall keeps guests coming back for more.

A native of Bath, New York, you might say Cornwall grew up in the Bully Hill kitchen—he was employed there as a high school student before packing off to the Culinary Institute of America to study, graduating in 2005. Happy to return to the Hammondsport area to raise a family in a calm, rural setting, he’s been with Bully Hill ever since.

How does he account for the restaurant’s success? “It’s about pleasing the customers,” he says. “We have a lot of core items that people love and expect when they come here. When people go out to eat, they’re looking for something they might not be able to prepare at home. That’s probably why we sell a lot of smoker stuff, because it’s hard to do that at home.” He’s sold a lot of racks of lamb and lamb sandwiches too. And in the tipsy heat of summer, shrimp or salmon salads move well.

To read more on Bully Hill’s restaurant, check out Peggy Haine’s full profile in our May/June issue, available now!

Photo by Jan Regan

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