Butternuts Beer & Ale

Beer in Focus: Butternuts Beer & Ale

When was the last time you drank a microbrew out of a can? Probably never, right? But there’s something so enjoyable, and very old-schol, about drinking beer in a can. For those of you who limit your beers to New York microbrews but miss holding those cold metal vessels, you’re in luck. Butternuts Beer & Ale in Garretsville is serving up microbrews in cans, and they’re good. In addition to loving the tastes of these beers, we’re tickled by the names like Pork Slap, Snapperhead IPA and Moo Thunder Stout. And check out the website, it’s hilarious. Owner Chuck Williamson converted an old dairy farm into a brewery 10 years ago and, as he puts it, “opened a can of whupass on the craft brew world.” –Michael Welch

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