Brown Hound Bistro Canandaigua Expansion


Brown Hound Bistro Canandaigua Expansion

Brown Hound Bistro has launched a Kickstarter campaign to relocate to a bigger, more efficient building in Canandaigua. MORE fresh, local, seasonal FLX food and beverage! Check out the details of the campaign below.


About this project

The original Brown Hound Bistro opened in 2005 in the tiny hamlet of Bristol Springs. We established our commitment to locally sourced ingredients immediately and have increased our share of local ingredients every year since. That focus combined with our culinary creativity, warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, we’ve gained a very favorable reputation in the Finger Lakes region with a strong fan base and ever increasing selection of local products!  But after 10 years, we’ve concluded that we’ve maxed out our potential in our current location – we know we could be doing so much more!

Our goal is to relocate to a larger space that is more efficient, more accessible year round and offers the community a standout restaurant that showcases all that our FLX have to offer, while making our space and prices appealing to a broad audience.

BHB will be expanding on our existing operations, keeping our seasonal menus focused on local sourcing and sustainability, while concentrating on the following new initiatives:

•Beef up our beverage program. With a dedicated bar space and a full liquor license, we will offer local wines, craft beer, ciders, unique soft drinks and distilled spirits utilizing our signature creativity, bringing it all together with craft cocktails infused with local, seasonal flavors.

•Create a wider range of price points to make us affordable for anyone who wants to dine with us.

•Grow our catering services on-site and off. The additional space of the new location will allow us to pursue catering more aggressively.

•Maintain year round operations.  The Finger Lakes region has distinct seasonality and we will offer an amazing experience for residents or visitors in every season.

•Become a venue for artistic & cultural expression. Supporting music, art, theater and the cultural identity of the area has always been a priority at BHB.

BHB has defined our food style as fresh, local & seasonal. Our cuisine is a collection of inspired dishes with Finger Lakes elements throughout. The experience is like taking a tour of Finger Lakes farmers, growers, foragers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, musical talent, artisans & small scale producers, all in one visit, by showcasing their products delightfully in our new space.  In the setting of the historic Erina Hose Co building in downtown Canandaigua, the seed we cultivated from 10 years in Bristol Springs will be planted and will grow and thrive as the premier Farm-to-Table restaurant in the area.

Risks and challenges

The words ‘risks and challenges’ sure do have a negative ring to them! But those elements are what drives me to succeed! Here is what we face moving forward and how I intend to tackle them:

1. Delays. We all know that construction and renovation projects often take longer and cost more than what was planned. My approach to this issue is to break the work down into pieces where first we attend to the work most essential to opening our doors. Phasing the project allows us to open for business ASAP and non-essential pieces can be scheduled down the road during our slower seasonal periods.

2. Codes and Zoning. We’ve reviewed both zoning and NYS code requirements and don’t see any major issues. A seasoned contractor will be well-versed in these elements and assist in meeting requirements.

3. The Unknown. For all the things we know might go wrong, there are all the ones we can’t imagine! What we do have is experience in ‘fighting fires,’ no pun intended! Problem resolution, thinking on my feet, acting quickly and being proactive whenever possible are skills I’ve developed in my many years running and owning restaurants.

To help fund this project, click here!

Photo by Jan Regan

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