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Life of Reilley Premium Vodkas

Live the life and drink the life

By Patti Dorazio

“You’re not living the life until you’re drinking the life” is the fitting slogan for Life of Reilley Distilling and Wine Co. in Cazenovia. Ben and Shioban Reilley took a circuitous route to the distilling business, but you’ll be glad they did. It doesn’t take an experienced palate to pick up the nuances in LOR’s vodkas, but anyone who tastes their Premium Vodka, Vanilla Premium Vodka and Raspberry Premium Vodka will be besieged by a smooth, clean, rounded taste of deliciousness. The subtle sweetness and freshness you taste comes from 100-percent New York-grown corn, picked within hours of delivery to the distillery.

The allure of LOR’s vodkas goes beyond the “buy local craft movement,” which LOR fully supports. In fact, Ben claims that movement, which has its basis in terroir–the “taste” of the land so long associated with the wine industry–“finishes the story.” Ben brings this terroir philosophy to his craft spirits and believes it brings a complex yet natural “mouthfeel” to the vodkas. His flavored vodkas all have natural flavors, giving you a clean and refreshing finish that doesn’t dominate the overall taste.

LOR’s vodkas are not just any flavored vodka; they do, if you will, “go against the grain” by offering rich taste with an acidic burst of flavor. Delicious? Yes. Recognizable like the others in the same class? No. Make a point of tasting the products at one of the many locations they’re available throughout the area–once you do, you’ll be hooked.

Now the question is “How do I serve them?” Experiment. Obviously, they are smooth enough to be sipped over ice on the deck during our endless summers. But because of their balance, their versatility is only limited by the imagination. Substitute the flavored versions for any mixed drink where you’d normally use vodka. Like the sound of a Vanilla Vodka Martini or a Raspberry Vodka Twister? The options are endless. My prediction is that most of you are willing to give up your usual vodkas and trade them for an exotic substitute. However, if you’re not that adventurous, then LOR will be introducing today (August 14) its new Disco Lemonade, a premixed cocktail in a can, at the Endless Summer Beach Party at Sylvan Beach from 6pm to 8pm. Imagine taking this canned cocktail to places other cocktails cannot go. So as the LOR slogan goes, live the life and drink the life. Enjoy!

Patti Dorazio is a recently retired technical communication professor from SUNY Institute of Technology who now has time to fulfill dreams of writing pieces about culinary arts and to continue to practice her cooking skills.

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