FLX Peach Old Fashioned

FLX old fashioned

FLX Peach Old Fashioned

By Brud Holland

Because peaches are, in fact, my all-time favorite fruit and Bourbon, my favorite spirit, The following cocktail is one that I frequently make on hot summer nights. It’s a refreshing version of a classic Bourbon cocktail—The FLX Peach Old Fashioned. You’ll want to start by selecting perfectly ripe peaches that are soft to the touch when squeezed slightly but not too soft or with broken or bruised skins. Second, find a hand-blown, heavy rocks glass or what some call a short tumbler. Check out Vitrix Hot Glass Studio on Market Street in Corning or my friend Christian Thirion, glassblower and chocolate maker. Lastly, pick up a bottle of Finger Lakes Distilling’s McKenzie Single Barrel Bourbon packed in a hand-blown bottle and don’t forget the Fee Brothers Peach Bitters.

Makes 1

Two ½-inch wedges of fresh peach

Dash of Fee Brothers Peach Bitters

¼ teaspoon clover honey


2 ounces Finger Lakes Distilling McKenzie Single Barrel Bourbon

Splash of seltzer or club soda

½ teaspoon canola oil

Add one of the fresh peach wedges to a rocks glass with the bitters and honey. With a wooden muddler, crush the peach slightly to release some juice and combine the bitters and honey. Add enough ice to fill the glass. Pour the Bourbon over the ice and top with seltzer or club soda.

Next, caramelize the remaining peach wedge: Heat a small cast iron skillet on medium high heat and rub with 1/2 teaspoon of canola oil. Cook the peach wedge until it is a dark amber in color on each cut side. Cool and place on a wooden skewer. Use as a drink stirrer.

Brud Holland is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and lives in Watkins Glen with his wife Shari and 3 kids. Having been part of the food and wine scene here in the Finger Lakes for 30+ years, he draws on experiences from a wide variety of culinary escapades that include bakery owner, restaurateur, food product developer, teacher, and genuine promoter of all things grown and made in the Finger Lakes.

Photo by Aran Holland

This recipe is from our July/August 2015 issue, which also features this ice cream recipe.

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