Food for a Year: August 1-17


On Cairncest Farm in Plainfield, two brothers, Edmund and Garth Brown, have resolved to eat only what they raise/grow/forage/hunt themselves for an entire year. Edible Finger Lakes is carrying biweekly updates from the Brown brothers as they embark on this food journey.

Food for a Year: August 1-17

Amazingly, the end of summer is now in sight. Despite the recent heat, the forecast is calling for cooler temperatures ahead, and we’re less than a month from the possibility of frost. The garden is at its most prolific, and it looks like it will be a good harvest of most of the essentials. Some of the squash have a bit of powdery mildew as well as what looks like some sort of viral issue. I’ve never seen it in the past, but it looks serious enough to put a dent in what was shaping up to be a bumper year for storage squash.

The greenhouse has mostly been a success, though the pepper plants failed to set much fruit. There are lots of melons and tomatoes on the vine, all of them rapidly approaching ripeness. It’s my hope that they will be ready before it’s time to take them out and plant the kale and other winter greens. –Garth

Brothers Edmund and Garth Brown are owner-operators of Cairncrest Farm in Plainfield, New York. They produce and sell grass-fed beef and pastured pork. They blog about their 2015 homegrown challenge here.

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Photo by Garth Brown

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