New York Yogurt Taste Test

Matt Kelly,

New York Yogurt Taste Test

Yogurt seems like such a simple food. Until you taste several varieties side by side and the complex nature of yogurt becomes strikingly apparent. Not all yogurts are created equal, nor should they be: They are brought to life in different ways to appeal to different tastes and to be used for different purposes.

On a Friday afternoon in early August, a group of seven adults and one eight-year-old got together to test their palates with a selection of different yogurts. Here’s what these folks had to say about the different varieties, in the order they were tasted.

First Light Farm and Creamery Yogurt, plain

Tasters agreed that First Light’s yogurt was “thin,” “light” and “smooth.” The taste was “tart” but not overpowering, maybe even slightly sweet. “It’s simple, not complex,” said one taster. “Reminds me of my homemade yogurt,” said another.

Wegmans Greek Yogurt, plain

The thick texture of the Wegmans Greek is what stood out to the tasters: “Beautiful, just sits on the plate.” Several commented on the “sour” taste, saying the “sourness remains afterwards.” Tasters also noticed how white this yogurt was. “Good for tzatziki sauce,” said one taster.

Chobani’s Greek Yogurt, plain

Again, the thickness of Chobani’s Greek is what made an impression on the tasters. As did the “very white” color. Almost everyone said it was “tart” in flavor, including comments like “tangy limey fruity” and “hint of sweet at very beginning.” They also agreed the tartness was “stronger on the front” and “leaves quickly.” One taster’s thoughts: “It would be perfect on a fire roasted potato with fresh chives.”

Wegmans Organic Super Yogurt, plain

All tasters agreed the Super Organic yogurt stood out from the rest because of how “sweet” it was; like “peaches and cream” and “lemony.” In comparison to the Greek yogurts, there was also agreement that this yogurt was “off white” in color. Important note: This was the only yogurt in the taste test that had sugar and other ingredients beyond just milk and cultures.

Siggi’s Icelandic-style Cream Skyr, plain

If the Greek yogurts seemed thick to the tasters, the skyr blew them away: “So thick you could stand up a spoon in your bowl.” The tasters also noted how “super tangy” this yogurt was; “lemon pucker acidic” said one person. Tasters also said this yogurt had a “dry” feel to it. “Use this in a cheesecake recipe,” was one recommendation.

The above is featured in our Fall 2015 Dairy Issue. For more on New York yogurt, click here.

Photo by Matt Kelly

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