Foodie Gift Guide: Sweets and Snacks

Foodie Gift Guide

Holiday gift ideas for the food-and-beverage enthusiasts in your life


Gannon’s in Syracuse: A fabulous host gift (particularly if I am your host) would be a pint of Gannon’s seasonal flavors—think pumpkin chocolate chip, apple pie (apple cinnamon ice cream with chunks of pie crust) or peppermint stick.

Hedonist Chocolates and Hedonist Ice Cream in Rochester: Though you can’t go wrong with the chocolates or the ice cream flavors (lemongrass, pumpkin and salted caramel, for example) their perfect homemade cones would make an amazing stocking stuffer for an ice cream fiend.,

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Be the belle of any holiday brunch by bringing a basket of pastries from these bakeries:

Picasso’s in Syracuse: For superior croissants, brioche French toast muffins, cinnamon buns, poppy seed-laced piroshky or any of their seasonal donuts.

Skaneateles Bakery: For their cake donuts (which miraculously taste just as delicious the next day) and raspberry jam pop tarts. 

Flour City Bread in Rochester: For croissants and breads.



A large tin of popcorn is a classic present, yet these flavors from Kandied Kernel in Liverpool are anything but: Sample sour patch kid, hot wing and blue cheese, pickle juice, kettle corn, butter toffee, peanut butter cup, or sour cream and onion popcorns, to name a few. Small tin $16.95, medium $29.95, large $39.95.

Or pay a visit to Bet The Farm’s Gourmet Market in Aurora for a wide selection of locally made snacks, including cheeses, spices, dressings and dipping sauces, jams and granola, pasta and pesto, pancake mix and maple syrup, plus more.

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