Randolph O’Neill Vineyard 2015 Dry Rosé

Finger Lakes Wine of the Week:

Randolph O’Neill Vineyard 2015 Dry Rosé

By Nicholas BaldwinONeill rose bottle

As the days turn warmer and after Easter has come and gone, the bottles of róse become the perfect wine choice. In the Finger Lakes, there are a number of wineries that make róse wines, and make them well. Kelley O’Neill, owner and winemaker at Randolph O’Neill Vineyard in Ovid on Cayuga Lake, just made his first showing of Cabernet Franc Dry Rosé, and it hits all the marks of a quality wine.

The color is brilliant and rich deep pink and softens around the edges of your glass. It has aromas of tart raspberries, cherries, fresh thyme and fresh picked flowers. What makes this wine special is the perfect balanced acidity that leaves you hanging on every sip, waiting for your next one. Once you open a bottle, don’t be surprised to find the bottle empty quickly. This is another fantastic showing in a small lineup of wines from Randolph O’Neill Vineyard. It will be very exciting to taste through future vintages. If you can get your hands on anything from this vineyard, do it.

Nicholas Baldwin has worked in the wine and spirits business for more than 12 years and traveled the world visiting vineyards. He holds numerous wine certifications. 

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