Fresh Faces: Silo Food Truck

In this feature, we gathered 16 young business owners in the food, farm or beverage industry that are establishing a brand in the FLX. We sent each one the same list of 10 questions. Below are their answers. We hope you enjoy learning about and supporting these local entrepreneurs!

Katie Foley & Jesse Steve of Silo Food Truck

1. What’s the first FLX wine or beer you tasted? 
Jesse:  Sheldrake Point Summer Blush
Katie: Apricot Wheat Ithaca Beer 

2. What’s your biggest challenge in being a young business owner in the FLX?
J: The toughest thing about being a young business owner is taking your time rather than just chasing every dream that pops in your head!  Oh… AND….THE WEATHER! 
K: Is 40 still young?!  Well I guess Silo still is… I’d say balance. Just because there are times you CAN work for hours straight, does not mean you should. 

3. What’s your favorite local comfort food after a long, day of hard work?
We love salty meats, pickles and cheese!  Nothing better than some Lively Run Chevre with roasted tomatoes,  a variety of meats from the Piggery and some Wide Awake Bakery bread to satisfy our souls after a day of food trucking.

4. Favorite piece of business advice?
K:  Don’t let perfect get in the way of Good.  
J:  Keep business out of the bed 😉

They brought their own props!

5. Why do you run your business here?
J: Because this is where the best freaking food is grown! 
K: I love the people, appreciation of fresh food and the embracing community in which we live! 

6. Who’s your hero? 
J:  Katie Foley 😉
K: Jesse Steve 😉

7. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
K:  A Pop Star… wait, that is still what I want to be! lol
J: A Pilot 
8. At what age do you think you will retire?
K:  I don’t view work as work really….  I choose my work based on my life’s passions and interests- so I guess NEVER! 
J:  56 and a half

9. Describe yourself in 3 words.

10. In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?
J: A sharp knife
K: A yoga mat 

The Biz Whiz & The Chicken Whiz

11. If you had to choose a completely new career, what would it be?
K: Actress with a bleeding heart 
J:  Wood worker

12. What would the book or movie about your life be titled?
“Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?”

13. Favorite place to eat in the FLX?
Some of our favorites include: Gola Osteria and Hazlenut Kitchen! We also love Khmer Angkor Cambodian Food at the Ithaca Farmers Market!

14. Local businessperson who inspires you?
J:  Scott Signori from the Stonecat Cafe….have you been to Stonecat? That shit is the bomb…
K: Jen Irwin from Just a Taste… humble, consistant, steady, sweet as pie- and a TOTAL WORK HORSE! 

A version of this article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 edition of the magazine.

All images by Chelsea Fausel.

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