Women’s Issue Fall 2019: Dedication

We are so excited to present this issue to you. It is meant to be a celebration of something wonderful about the Finger Lakes foodshed, namely that it is a place where women are doing exceptionally amazing work, and in large numbers.

This issue exclusively features the women of the Finger Lakes who make the food and the wine, run the farms, bake the bread, teach the classes, create the jobs, press the grapes, brew the beer, shape the chocolates, feed the masses and much, much more.

As you flip through the pages you’ll soon see that the strength of the foodshed of the Finger Lakes exists in part because of the women who make it so. Even though the food and beverage industries are often thought of as being dominated by men, there’s a different story happening here and we’re proud to tell it.

Preview of the Women’s Issue:

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In addition to the stories we wrote, we reached out to the general public to invite women who are involved in the food, farm and beverage fields to send us their photos. We received hundreds of images and tried to include as many of them as possible, and we apologize in advance if there’s anyone who should be here but isn’t. It’s exciting to see the sheer volume of women in leadership positions in our area and we hope you seek out their establishments and support them.

But there is one woman who we think deserves special recognition and we are dedicating this edition of Edible Finger Lakes to her. Chef Deb Whiting was a true hero, mentor, friend and leader for the Finger Lakes. She was one of the first to raise the flag of supporting local farms and wineries at her Red Newt Bistro in Hector. She pushed other chefs to do the same and showed them how it could be done. She mentored young women in her kitchen and she gave endlessly to organizations making sure everyone had access to good food and could learn about the nearby farms where our food comes from. She was taken from us way too soon, but her legacy is in these pages and in the kitchens and farms throughout our area.

She was so proud of the Finger Lakes and what was happening in our local foodshed. We know if she could see this issue, she would be equally proud of the amazing women who are continuing her mission. This one is for you, Deb.

The editorial team at Edible Finger Lakes

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