Cider + Dinner Pairings from Steve at South Hill Cider

Photo by Chelsea Fausel.

There’s about a million tips for pairing beer with dinner, and probably a billion more for wine – but what about cider? We asked FLX expert Steve Selin of South Hill Cider for his pairing recommendations for five of his own ciders. Dig in!

2017 Packbasket Pair with roast venison or lake trout for an all wild-grown meal. What grows together goes together.  

2018 Royal Ice Cider Pour this with a cheese-cake. Royal works great with cheese, and with desserts, so why not both?

2018 Full Bloom Orchard Pairs best with a rare steak. The tension in the cider is a perfect palate cleanser between savory bites.

2018 Patina Goes well with roasted salmon, or a Caesar salad. The fruit, texture and acidity of the cider plays well with lighter dishes. 

2017 Porters Perfection Pair with pork tenderloin or a salty cheese. This cider has some serious character that prefers an equally matched meal.

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