Comfort Foods for the 2020 Election

The 2020 presidential Election Day is here and times are tense as Americans wait in anticipation of the results. If you are looking for a distraction, why not start chopping onions or fire up the oven? These recipes feature local, seasonal ingredients such as beans, end-of-season tomatoes, and apples that can help you appreciate all the Finger Lakes region has to offer as you stay present in the senses involved in cooking while dissipating election stresses.

Beans and Greens

This nutritious recipe by Brud Holland that features eggs, back or Canadian bacon, and white beans will certainly satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling comfortably full. It utilizes Finger Lakes-made products such as Verjooz and 1/4 cup of Sauvignon Blanc—if you use Hector Wine Company’s, it also makes a great pairing with the finished product! Full recipe here.

Photo by Brud Holland

Warm Swiss Chard, Bacon and Onion Dip

If you still have some Swiss chard and you are looking for another filling dish that features bacon, this one might be for you! It’s warm, creamy, and great for dipping Crostini, crudités, crackers or pita chips. Full recipe here.

Extra-Crispy Fried Green Tomatoes and Tarragon Remoulade

Christina McKeough of Graft Wine + Cider Bar in Watkins Glen crafted this crunchy recipe that can be a great way to use up your end-of-season green tomatoes that never had a chance to ripen. Ingredients that give it extra flavor and texture include panko breadcrumbs, cracked black pepper, and cayenne. Full recipe here.

Photo: Michael Welch

Finger Lakes Apple Fritters

Christopher Bates of FLX Table is the brainchild behind this recipe that features fresh, unpasteurized apple cider. With a mix of spices and booze (Finger Lakes Distilling Brandy or Rye), these aren’t your grandma’s apple fritters. But Granny would definitely approve. Full recipe here.

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