Made in the FLX: Grabanzos

With the pandemic causing people in the Finger Lakes and beyond to spend more time at home, sales of processed snacks are on the rise.
Photo provided by Antithesis Food

By Shannon Harts

With the pandemic causing people across the U.S. to spend more time at home, sales of processed snacks are on the rise. However, many are also trying to find healthier alternatives for grazing throughout the long days at home. Luckily, Antithesis Foods is here to help.

Antithesis Foods started in Ithaca in 2017. Cornell University food science students Jason Goodman and Ashton Yoon created the company to make food healthier using science, according to a press release. The first product of Antithesis Foods is Grabanzos, a chickpea snack that has a satisfying crunch and is made to taste like a chocolate-covered pretzel or malt ball.

You can find Grabanzos in Wegmans and GreenStar grocery stores.

For those looking to learn more about other alternatives to highly processed foods, Antithesis Foods has a new podcast called “Better for You.” It compares recognizable brands of snacks and sweets with competitors that claim to be healthier and more natural. Some examples include Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Reese’s and Smart Sweets vs. Swedish Fish.

To learn more about Antithesis Foods visit: and check out the podcast at–Reeses-elrdhi.

Made in the FLX is a weekly column highlighting the small scale food producers of the Finger Lakes. Each week we will feature a locally made food product that is distributed widely throughout the region and beyond, showcasing the strength and quality of our local resources. 

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