Brewing in the FLX: Reinvention Brewing Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing

Hailing from Manchester, Reinvention Brewing Company—which resides in a former ice cream shop—will be hosting their 2021 Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing all weekend long.
Photo provided by Kelly Guilfoyle/Drink Like a Girl Founder/Director

By David Diehl of FLX Words

Reinvention Brewing Company has done it again—for the fourth time running in fact. Hailing from Manchester, this charming brewery, which resides in a former ice cream shop, will be hosting their 2021 Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing all weekend long.

And you’re not too late. The event will be held today from 3 PM until 8 PM, Saturday 1 – 8 PM, and Sunday 1 – 6 PM. Reinvention Owner George Aldrich has timed and spaced each pairing out so that all participants will be comfortable and safe. It also allows a certain number of walk-ins to show up on the event day. Reinvention has also built an annex in the back of the building that provides an extra 20 seats.

“We will be open four years in May, and we have done this pairing every year. It is something that we really enjoy doing and we love that we are able to support local Girl Scout Troops,” says Aldrich. “Our daughter is a Canandaigua Girl Scout, and we help that troop out a lot by purchasing tons of cookies. Especially this year, because they weren’t able to do their usual cookie tables outside of various stores. This event provided a lot of support.”

Along with the event being supportive and playful, Aldrich and the Reinvention team have put a lot of thought into the pairings. This year has a very surprising match-up.

“The one that I think is really interesting is that we have paired the Samoa with the New England IPA,” Aldrich reveals. “You get those chocolate and coconut flavors with an IPA which isn’t a normal pairing. But this particular batch of our NEIPA is really heavy in pineapple. It results in an almost pina colada/tropical drink sensation.”

There are four additional offerings of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies paired with Reinvention Brews. Each one provides some classic combinations and each year provides some new inventions.

Photo provided by Kelly Guilfoyle/Drink Like a Girl Founder/Director

Reinvention Brewing. 9 N Main St, Manchester, New York 

It was always a goal for David Diehl to return to the Finger Lakes and make an imprint on the beer culture of the region. A Hobart & William Smith Colleges graduate, Diehl spent over a decade in Brooklyn and is excited to be back and taking on Finger Lakes craft beer reviews and commentaries for  He has also been published in Inked Magazine, YRB Magazine,, and The Finger Lakes Times. You can follow his work at

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