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Broke Down Bird

If you have a small oven or are pressed for time, this is a great way to roast a turkey. Sure, you miss out on presenting a big bird at the table, but the carving is much easier this way and the different meats get the proper cooking time. Ask your butcher if they will break down the bird for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, check out this video and then make sure you have a super sharp knife. 

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Emmer Risotto

Autumn Emmer Risotto with greens and mushrooms

What’s an upstate New York local foods enthusiast to do when it comes to cooking with whole grains? No one wants to give up soothing comfort foods like creamy risotto. Fear not–the Finger Lakes farmers have you covered. Local grain growers like Lakeview Organics have been harvesting emmer (also known as farro), an ancient form of wheat that can replace rice in many dishes. Try it out as we’ve suggested in this recipe, and reap the creamy, comforting benefits of cooking with local grain. 

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