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What’s in Season: Asparagus Pokes Through

Here are a couple of great recipes for what to do with all the fresh asparagus you’ll see at the farmer’s market these days. Or if you’re a home gardener who was patient enough to grow your own (it takes years!), you can enjoy these dishes with the freshest, most in-season asparagus available!

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The Real Deal on Decaf

Decaffeinated coffee certainly is the black sheep of the family. Stripped of its most popular feature, coffee without caffeine is often regarded as flavorless and pointless by “real coffee” drinkers.

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Edible Reads: Seasonal Family Almanac

Emma Frisch, author of Feast by Firelight, and co-owner of Ithaca’s own glamping resort, Firelight Camps, has partnered with Jana Blankenship to create a book which is part recipe, part craft manual, and part meditation on our connection to the seasons.

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