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Honeynut: They Shrunk the Squash

People all over the U.S. have been doing double takes over the new Honeynut squash, marveling at its cuteness. The pocket-sized veggie was developed by Michael Mazourek, associate professor in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University.

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Mud Season: The Act of Farming in Times of Rain

Thor Oechsner has been farming around the Newfield area south of Ithaca for 25 years. He has well over a thousand acres in organic crops, including corn, soybeans, rye and wheat. And this was the first year he simply could not get all of his winter wheat planted. The wet and rainy conditions made it nearly impossible.

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Dano Hutnik

A legend and a beloved chef  By Michael Welch  You know that moment in the Pixar film Ratatouille where the

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A Winemaker Hits His Stride

Dave Breeden thinks the Finger Lakes has come a long way. “Ten or 12 years ago, if you looked at Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast or Wine Advocate, there’d be no Finger Lakes wines. Now there’s a New York section in all three of those publications. I think there’s a perception where there wasn’t a perception before.”

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Simply Crêpes

Where crêpes and cheese unite Written by Erin Scherer, photos by Jan Regan For many, the thought of crêpes evokes

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