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Eight Ways to Cook Eggplant

There’s a lot of talk about eating strawberries and asparagus only in season and we think that conversation should extend to eggplant as well. Best eaten in summer when it’s abundant, we thought you’d like these suggestions.

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Local Grains of the Finger Lakes

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you still can’t cook locally. There are many varieties of grains from our local farms and mills. Read below about what’s available, and maybe discover something new!

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Mackenzie-Childs: Hand-Crafted Charm

Every summer, for just a few days the population of Aurora explodes. The picturesque village of 724 suddenly teems with lovers of whimsical dinnerware, drawn by the annual Barn Sale at MacKenzie-Childs.

For more than 30 years, the
home décor company has been handcrafting colorful ceramics and, more recently, a full line of home furnishings and accessories – all immediately recognizable by their
characteristic patterns of checks, squiggles, dots, scallops and stripes.

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Winter Garden Cold Frames

Lamenting the loss of your fresh veggies and herbs to that fall frost? Consider installing cold frames, which can seriously extend your backyard gardening season, keep the young plants in your spring garden safe from chilly nights, and even allow you to grow through the winter.

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Graphic Engagement

Trumansburg illustrator and graphic designer Q. Cassetti brings local products to life Written by Adrienne Martini, Photos by Robyn Wishna

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The Blues Beating Root Crop

Who knew a turnip would be the cure to winter cooking doldrums? And that all it requires is a quick wash, a little slicing with a sharp knife and maybe some salt? Hakurei turnips, the snowy white globe of a crop, are my latest culinary fascination.

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