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Elderberry Pond

Lego family builds dream of interlocking ventures by Peggy Haine In 1983, when Merby and Lou Lego bought their 100-acre

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Ports of New York

Written by Amelia Sauter, Photo by Heather Ainsworth   Frédéric Bouché is a fourth-generation winemaker from France whose ancestors made

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Celebrating Local Chefs: Art Rogers of Lento

If you drive by a farmer in Rochester, chances are good they are on their way to drop off food at Lento, the restaurant in the Village Gate that opened in 2007 and has consistently turned local produce into one of the most delicious meals available.

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An Alice to Call Our Own

Armed with Chez Panisse cookbooks leavened with Alice Waters’ manifestos for sourcing the freshest ingredients available, Deb Whiting launched Red

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