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Finger Lakes wine

Wine of the Week: Hector Wine Company’s Soul Red

For those naysayers out there who are still clinging to the false narrative that you can’t get a good red wine with body, ripeness and complexity from the Finger Lakes, we say–sip on some of this red blend from Hector Wine Company, oh yee of little faith. Maybe that’ll give you pause before you go spouting unfounded malarky about our local wines.

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Wine of the Week: Trestle 31 2017 Riesling

The Trestle 31 2017 Riesling draws outside of the lines. First of all, the label only says Riesling, which in the Finger Lakes normally means that it is a semi-dry Riesling and you can expect some sweetness to it. But this is a bone-dry wine, with barely any residual sugar. Second of all, it drops the usual flavors of tart green apple which you see in a lot of Finger Lakes Rieslings. Citrus plays in big time with this wine. There’s candied lemon peel all over the place which makes for a nice peppery mouth with a long mildly electric finish.

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Bubbling Over

With a myriad of local wines to choose from, wine with bubbles is often overlooked as a beverage to pair with food, but our cool climate is perfect for sparkling wines, offering vibrant Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and other grapes crafted with bubbles to enjoy by the glass or with dinner.

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