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Finger Lakes

Wine of the Week: Trestle 31 2017 Riesling

The Trestle 31 2017 Riesling draws outside of the lines. First of all, the label only says Riesling, which in the Finger Lakes normally means that it is a semi-dry Riesling and you can expect some sweetness to it. But this is a bone-dry wine, with barely any residual sugar. Second of all, it drops the usual flavors of tart green apple which you see in a lot of Finger Lakes Rieslings. Citrus plays in big time with this wine. There’s candied lemon peel all over the place which makes for a nice peppery mouth with a long mildly electric finish.

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The FLX Sour

A local twist on an old classic Created back in the 1870s by a bartender in Chicago, the New York Sour is a pre-Prohibition take

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Dano Hutnik

A legend and a beloved chef  By Michael Welch  You know that moment in the Pixar film Ratatouille where the haughty food critic is transported

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Signs of Spring

Story and photos by Janet McCue I’ve been more of a homebody than a wanderer these days while my husband recovers from the installation of

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Summer on Ice 2015

Summer on Ice Craft beverage and food festival at Standing Stone Vineyards By Brud Holland There’s a new festival on the Eastern shore of Seneca

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Cupping Coffee

Cupping Coffee Story and photos by Matt Kelly The art and science of roasting coffee to taste just right is not for the faint of

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